Waste Collection, Grease Traps and Waste Bins

NPWS has developed a 'Wastewater Pre-treatment Guideline' which applies to all premises within the Perisher Range resort areas of Perisher Valley that discharge wastewater to the Perisher Range sewerage system.  The document covers domestic grease traps, commercial grease traps, trade waste separators, pools and spas.

NPWS operates a waste collection service during the winter season for Perisher Valley and Smiggin Holes premises.  Waste is collected by a contractor on a daily or twice-weekly basis and is transported to the Perisher Valley Waste Transfer Station (WTS).  Waste and recyclables in Guthega are collected from the waste transfer area at the Guthega Ski Centre.

There is no waste collection service in summer; premises are required to bring their waste and recyclables to the Perisher Valley WTS.

Clubs must install a permanent waste receptacle at their lodges.  Planning approval is NOT needed if you comply with the NPWS guidelines.  Also, some innovative waste receptacle options have been adopted by Clubs which are simple and relatively inexpensive eg adapting a large toolbox for the purpose.  So, when you are ready to implement this for your Club, SLOPES suggests you first contact Ryan Petrov at NPWS on (02) 6457 4411 or Ryan.Petrov@environment.nsw.gov.au.  Ryan is also the person to speak to regarding grease trap issues.

The principles behind the WST and collection service are to implement an efficient, cost effective and environmentally prudent waste management program across the Perisher resorts.  []

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