Kosciuszko National Park - Stakeholders

Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH)

The Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) is a NSW “government agency that protects and conserves the natural environment, Aboriginal country, culture and heritage, and built heritage”.  This includes Kosciuszko National Park. 

The OEH website is:  http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/   The OEH consists of five functional areas, one of which is the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

For more background see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB  under the topic “Office of Environmental Heritage / OEH”.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is part of the Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH). NPWS manages over 7 million hectares of land across NSW, including more than 850 national parks, one being the Kosciuszko National Park (KNP).

NPWS has responsibility for the Kosciuszko National Park including the Perisher, Smiggins and Guthega Resorts. From a SLOPES perspective this includes key issues such as lodge leases and bed numbers, village development proposals and operational matters such as waste transfer and roads.

NPWS also co-ordinates a team of engineers who are responsible for infrastructure in Perisher Valley. The MSU team includes the people who run the water supplies, sewage handling, road supervision and controls. They are effectively the Local Council for the Perisher Range Resorts.

The NPWS website is here: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

For more background see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB under the topic “National Parks and Wildlife Service / NPWS”.

Perisher / Vail Resorts

Kosciuszko National Park is home to the Perisher Range Resorts (PRR) of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow and Guthega. The resorts in the PRR are leased to and operated by Perisher Blue Pty Ltd (Perisher).

The Perisher website is here: http://www.perisher.com.au/
For a history of the PRR and of the Skitube Alpine Railway which services the PRR go to: http://www.perisher.com.au/resort-info/know-perisher/our-history

For more background see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB  under the topic “Perisher/Vail Resorts


SLOPES is the acronym for The Ski Lodges Organisation of Perisher Smiggins and Guthega Inc. SLOPES was formed in 1991. Members of SLOPES are the 88 Ski Clubs of the Perisher Range Resorts of Perisher, Smiggin Holes and Guthega who operate lodges for their members, families and guests.

SLOPES has a long and well established advocacy track record of representing our 88 member Clubs on relevant issues and, through them, the 55,000 or so people connected with those Clubs.

SLOPES’ other key role is to assist Clubs in addressing issues relating to their operations, keeping them up to date with relevant information and providing networks for Clubs to share experiences and informing Clubs on issues of common importance to them.

For more background see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB  under the topics “SLOPES Administration” and “AGMs – SLOPES”.

Perisher Resorts Chamber of Commerce (PCC)

According to its website, the "Perisher Resorts Chamber of Commerce represents the commercial interests of the Perisher Resorts and promotes sustainable growth within our unique alpine environment".

The PCC website is here: http://www.perisherresortschamber.com.au/

For more background see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB under the topic “Perisher Chamber of Commerce”.

Perisher Historical Society (PHS)

The PHS website notes:

The Perisher Historical Society (PHS) was incorporated on 6 August 2007. The aim of the Society is ‘to research, collect, document, and display the history and development of the Perisher Range including its lodges, buildings and structures and activities emanating from them’. Perisher Range means those areas within the Kosciuszko National Park associated with the access provided by Kosciuszko Road including but not restricted to the centres of Blue Cow, Guthega, Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, and Charlottes Pass. Membership is open to everyone with an interest in the history of the area – individuals, families, clubs and corporations.

The Perisher Historical Society is dedicated to recording the history of the Perisher Range Resorts. PHS also assists in promoting sport in various ways, including running the annual Perisher Cup event.

PHS commissioned a major history of the Kosciuszko National Park in the book titled “Highway to Heaven” by author Peter Southwell-Keely. The book was published in 2013.

The PHS’ website is here: http://www.perisherhistoricalsociety.org.au

For more background see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB  under the topic “Perisher Historical Society”.