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MSU Charges – SMSAP Presentation from SLOPES AGM

See attached email including information on the following:

MSU Charges Payment Plan

SMSAP Presentation from SLOPES AGM

NPWS Visitor Survey Results

European Ski Resorts

Aerial Weed Spraying

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AGM 2020 Report + more

See updates on:

AGM 2020 Report – including Report on Insurance Review

COVID-19 Rent Relief: Next Stage NPWS Summary

NPWS Ground Shooting Notification 2020/21

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SLOPES AGM 2020 – Insurance Review Update – AGM Link

2020 AGM Updates include:

Charles Gow-Gates, Director of Barrack Broking Pty Ltd to join AGM 

Chatbox System will be utilised for Questions from the floor – Details provided at the start of the meeting.

Inability to Attend – Apology from Peter Brulisauer

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Bill Buster Energy Campaign Update – Editorial Sam Tait

See updates on the following items:

2020 Bill Buster Energy Review

Paralympian Sam Tait Conquers Kosciuszko

Summer Activities in the Mountains

Snowies Iconic Walk – SMSAP

COVID-19 Cleaning/Sanitising Products

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MSU Meeting w/NPWS Report and Update

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Report pertaining to MSU/NPWS Meeting held on 17 November 2020.

Including Rent and MSU Relief Update

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SLOPES AGM 2020 – President’s Report – AGM Link

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SLOPES 2020 Virtual AGM and President’s Report – AGM Link

Insurance Review


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