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The latest documents related to the Governance and Carrying Capacity Reviews (both now closed) and underway at the moment will be posted under the relevant name tab.

Other documents with pertinent information will be posted here as well.  The most recent updates can be viewed in the Information Hub under the topics Governance Review / Management Review  and Capacity Review.

Kosciuszko National Park Access Update – 21 Jan 2020

Latest access information, see link.

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Kosciuszko National Park Access – NPWS Update 20 Jan 2020

Roads Open –
See attached Latest Information as at 20 January 2020

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NPWS Kosciuszko Road Opens – Information for Bushfire Assistance

Information for Road Access and Bushfire Assistance

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Important Dates 2020

Back to Perisher
Peak Music Festival
Perisher Historical Society
Hello In The Snow
Perisher Cup

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Perisher Range Resorts – Bushfires Update 11 Jan 2020

Guthega, Smiggins, Charlotte Pass and Perisher Resorts spared from Bushfire damage so far !

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Access to Perisher Range Resorts – 8 January 2020

SLOPES requested NPWS if there was capacity to allow Clubs to get special authorisation to go to their lodges to retrieve historical or valuable items or to better prepare lodges in case of an event.

For information re accessing Lodges - more info......