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Back to Perisher Fun Run – April 20, 2019

This year the Back to Perisher Fun Run is over the Easter Weekend and also coincides with the Term 1 NSW school holidays.

Back to Perisher Weekend continues to grow in popularity.

SLOPES is a co-sponsor of Back to Perisher Weekend with NPWS.

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Decline in Bogong Moth Numbers could have catastrophic effects in The Australian Alps

Millions of bogong moths normally line the walls of caves in the Australian Alps over summer, but for the past two years there have been zero moths in some caves.

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Total Fire Ban + Epic Pass price to increase 260219

See below information from:

1. NPWS regarding “a TOTAL FIRE BAN for the whole of Kosciuszko National Park from midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow night”

2. Perisher regarding the Epic Australia Pass advising that prices go up on 26 February 2019.

Total Fire Ban + Perisher Australia Epic Pass information

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NPWS Lease Clause 7.9 – Services Installation Certification

Gas and Electrical Certification

Premises free from Pests Certification

Bulk arrangement being considered.


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Risk Alert – Lodge Flood Guthega – Oct 2018

A lodge at Guthega was 90% flooded this October after the failure of a braided flexible lead in a toilet.

Mains pressure flowed through the lodge for several days before being noticed by the occupants of a neighbouring lodge.

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URGENT – Energy Review Reminder – Reply Required

URGENT reply is required from all Clubs wishing to take up the Energy Review offer.

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