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Lord Howe Island Distilling

Service Category: COVID Sanitising Products

“Lord Howe Island Distilling Co. is in a unique position to be able to produce Hand Sanitiser for as long as Lord Howe Island and the Mainland needs.

As a club member I understand the unique challenges that are before us.

I’d like to offer SLOPES members and other associated businesses with SLOPES the below products in quantities of 10:
1) 500ml Hand San – $15ex GST per unit
2) 5Ltr Hand San – $90ex GST per unit

All products are hospital grade hand san liquid at 80% v/v Ethanol, made to the World Health Organisation recipe. They are batch controlled for product safety and quality. Our product is also made from Australian Ethanol, filled and packed on Australian equipment and employs Australian workers. We can produce up to 10,000 500ml bottles per day.

Our group of distilleries has been audited and passed.”
Christian Young
Lord Howe Island Brewing Co

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Christian Young

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Marine Adventures Boatshed

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