Trades and Suppliers

SLOPES is regularly approached by commercial operators wanting to have their goods and services promoted for Clubs.  This page provides information on offerings which might be of interest to Clubs.

SLOPES is not endorsing these providers, merely bringing them to the attention of Clubs.

If you do use any of these providers, feel free to give SLOPES feedback – good or bad.

Similarly, if you find other offerings that may be of interest to Clubs that you highly recommend, please let SLOPES know.

The aim is to set up a page on our website where selected information, appropriately presented, can be available for the benefit of all Clubs to consider.

Typical categories of trades and suppliers which Clubs have asked SLOPES about over the years include:

  1. auditors
  2. builders
  3. cladders of lodges
  4. cleaners
  5. electricians
  6. fire alarm system certifiers
  7. food and drink suppliers
  8. grass cutting
  9. lawyers
  10. painters
  11. plumbers

Suggestions from Clubs of people and firms to include under these categories (and generally) are most welcome. To contact SLOPES, view the Contact us page

In the interim some information can be found in SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB  “Food suppliers’ and “Trades and Services”.

Please note:

  • the information on this website is provided by way of general background only
  • SLOPES is not providing nor purporting to provide advice (legal or otherwise) to Clubs nor is SLOPES recommending that Clubs use the services of any trader or supplier on this website or any other firm, and
  • Clubs must obtain and rely on their own advice regarding their particular circumstances.