Perisher Range Resorts Environment Management System (PRREMS)

The NPWS Website states:

The Perisher Range Resorts Environmental Management System (PRREMS) is a systematic approach for managing the environmental impacts and risks associated with the operation of a resort in one of Australia’s most sensitive environments.

It was developed in 2002.  It aims to ensure that all aspects of resort operation have appropriate procedures and mechanisms in place to protect the environment and minimise impact from resort activities.

It comprises multiple elements across several stakeholders organisations and adopts a strong philosophy of continual improvement.

The stakeholders of PRREMS include SLOPES and its 88 member clubs.  The NPWS website comments in relation to the PRREMS lodges as follows:

“The Lodge Environment Manual is designed to help Perisher range lodges fulfil their obligations under the PRREMS.  The term ‘lodge’ refers to all accommodation premises including ski clubs and lodges, chalets, commercial lodges, apartments and hotels.  The manual includes information on:

environmental risks

potential impacts from lodges on the environment

PRREMS requirements: what lodges need to do to minimise risks and manage impacts

reporting requirements: all lodges report annually via an Earthcheck online system against the objectives and targets of the PRREMS.”

Reporting under PRREMS is mandatory as part of the NPWS lease obligations of Clubs.  Clubs are reminded to comply by the due date each year - usually a date in April nominated by NPWS.

The NPWS Awards program each year acknowledges exceptional performance in this area.

For the NSW Alpine Resorts environmental timeline 1985-2015 download this document.

See the following relevant links on the NPWS website:

For more information see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB under the topics “PRREMS” AND “Environment”.