Leases to Clubs from NPWS

Kosciuszko National Park (KNP) is administered by the NSW Government through OEH and NPWS.  Title to land in the KNP is held by the NSW government with certain leasehold rights given to others, including SLOPES clubs, Perisher Blue and commercial operators.  The rights of lease holders are limited by a range of conditions including compliance with the KNP Plan of Management (2006 being the current version).

The lessor under the various Club leases is the State of NSW (described as the Minister administering the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974).  Most Clubs are on the so-called “new lease” – leases which commenced on 1 July 2008 and typically have an initial term of 20 years expiring on 30 June 2028.  In many cases leases will have one or more options to extend typically for up to 3 terms of 10 years each, making a total potential term of 50 years expiring in 2058.

NPWS effectively administers the new leases as lessor.  NPWS is also the “Local Council” of the Perisher Range Resorts, providing municipal services such as water, sewerage and waste removal.  NPWS also has responsibility for the administration of the Kosciusko National Park within which the leases are granted.

Numerous issues arise in relation to the leases.  The most administration from a Club’s point of view relates to annual rent and rent reviews, Annual Gross Revenue statements, MSU (Municipal Services Unit) charges, compliance with bed number restrictions and annual fire safety certification and PRREMS reporting.  For more information see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB  under the topics “Leases” and “Workplace Health & Safety (OH&S)”.

See also the following links on the NPWS website: