Fire Alarms, Fire Inspections and Fire Rescue NSW (FRNSW)

All Clubs need to prudently manage the risk of fire and the safety of occupants in their lodges, and to comply with the obligations at law and under their leases from NPWS in relation to these matters and annual fire certification.

Clubs are reminded of the following:

  • to do what they can to maximise fire safety in their own lodges, including:
  • availing themselves of the service provided by FRNSW to provide guidance on shut down procedures at the end of the snow season
  • regularly checking fire and smoke alarms
  • checking the combustibility of lodge fittings and furnishings before installation
  • properly maintaining gas bottles
  • managing surrounding vegetation
  • notifying FRNSW if activities like welding will occur at your lodge etc
  • to be fully informed of the call procedures in the event of a fire emergency - ALWAYS CALL 000 and NOT the Perisher Valley Fire Station. And at all times keep the FRNSW notices with contact and other details clearly posted in your lodge
  • make sure Club contact details are kept up to date with NPWS and FRNSW - and put the current club contact details on the fire panel in your lodge
  • be aware of the significant cost (at least $1,250) which can be imposed by FRNSW in connection with responses to false alarms and of the greater likelihood now of charges being imposed and not waived. Clubs should also take steps with their service providers to minimise the incidence of false alarms from their lodges and take rapid remedial action after the occurrence of any false alarm.

As to the current arrangements at Perisher Valley Fire Station.

For information on fire alarms and fire inspections see SLOPES emails at the INFORMATION HUB.

For any fire safety enquiries Member Clubs can ring the Alpine Resorts Team (Jindabyne Department of Planning) on +612 6456 1733) or email